These albums have photos of items for sale (artwork made at ranch), successful hunts on the ranch, wild game ranch pictures of bison and elk (calf crop photos included), our personal family shots and pictures of the equipment for sale.  

Have a great time viewing these pictures.

I love myself!
(1st Picture in this album)

Calf Crop

There's nothing more exciting than April calving in Alaska.  These pictures are of some of the calf crop off the game ranch.  So much is invested in the herd, this is the reward.  We ranch for a living but live for times like these.
'Wild West' Up Close & Personal  SOLD
(1st Picture in this album)

Mosaic-d Bison Skull Art-buffalo skull art

These bison skulls are either taken from the animals off of the game ranch or are replicas.
 The skulls are covered in  glass tiles, glass stones, semi-precious stones such as turquoise, hematite, arctic opal, malachite, polished large agates plus howlite, ceramic tiles, and/or cut china.  
Each piece is cut (if necessary) to fit the skull, glued individually, and placed as a unique and one of a kind piece of Alaskan artwork.  
The finished product has been grouted and sealed.
Authentic "Made in Alaska" & "Silver Hand" permit holder. 
All items made at the ranch with raw materials have a "Made in Alaska" & "Silver Hand" permit holder.
'Pioneer Peak' Donated to Alaska Family Services in the Matanuska Valley for a fundraiser.
(1st Picture in this album)

Mosaic Artwork

Mosaic art created by Ruby Hollembaek.  Pieces are made of cut stain glass, tiles, ceramic china, glass stones, man-made stones, agates, howlite, turqoise, etc. By utilizying discarded windows,mirrors, and doors these pieces rejuvenate old windows, doors & mirrors.  Most of these pieces have been donated to individuals battling hard times and non-profits for "spirit lifters" and fund raisers.   
Bison hides available while supplies last-Prices range from $761 - $984 plus S/H
(1st Picture in this album)

Hides, Wall Hangings, Jaw Bones, etc.

We only harvest our buffalo hides from November
through January to assure that the hides are superior quality.

Buffalo hide prices vary due to size and quality. Prices range from $700- $1,000. It's best to discuss our hides by phone to give you the most accurate information regarding the hides that we have in stock.

Please contact us by email or phone - we'd be happy to call you at your convenience to discuss your options.
We try to utilize as much as the animal as possible so Scott has worked very hard this spring hand tanning the bison fur hides from the heads of the animals that we have harvested.  He has also saved a number of  jaw bones, cleaned and bleached them which are also for sale.