Private Herd
Bison Photo from Carol Watkins, Delta
Bison Photo from Carol Watkins, Delta
Alaska Interior Game Ranch, Inc.
Our season has ended for the 2014-2015 season.
Thank you for your business.
We will begin taking orders next summer for the 2015-2016 season.  

Mailing Address: 
HC 62 Box 5580 
Delta Junction, AK  

CONTACT BY PHONE:  907/895-4715 (Shop)

  • Private Land
  • Private Herd
    (Physical Address: 12139 RapeseedWay)
  • Bison and elk
  • No added growth hormones or antibiotics---all natural
  • Grassfed
  • Our ranches are located just north of the Alaska Range.  We are in the heart of Alaska surrounded by snow-capped mountains.You will be on the road system.  You can fly to Anchorage and drive up the highway (about 350 miles one way) to get a view of Alaska or fly to Fairbanks & drive down from there (about 125 miles one way).  Traveling from the Anchorage area, take highway to Glennallen-Paxson-Delta.  


Owned and operated by lifelong Alaskan residents.     

Rocky Mt. Elk Bull
Rocky Mt. Elk Bull
December 2012
December 2012
map courtesy of the City of Delta Junction
map courtesy of the City of Delta Junction


Keep the money here!
Fritz Hollembaek, Ileen, Byron and Myrtle Hollembaek on Byron and Ileen's wedding day.
Fritz Hollembaek, Ileen, Byron and Myrtle Hollembaek on Byron and Ileen's wedding day.
 Ranches owned and operated by lifelong Alaskan residents


Buckley Hollembaek-President; Russell Hollembaek-Vice-President; Scott Hollembaek-Treasurer; 
Ruby Hollembaek - Secretary -Website Design 

Website dedicated in loving memory of WWII Marine, National Guardsman & father/grandfather,  Byron Jerome Hollembaek, who came to Alaska in 1951 to begin the agriculture industry we have today and his wife, Ileen Noorlun-Hollembaek, who devoted her entire life to farm and family.

"Where Quality is Game" 
slogan contribution by Gary Schoening & Lisa Labaska 
Hello and Welcome to Kenetrek.

It was August of 2002, and we’d been hunting sheep in the Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories for eight brutal days. I thought I was in marathon shape, but I knew I only had one more climb in me at best. We were going through food like mad men, trying to keep up with the 10,000 calories sucked out of us every day. We just hiked a brutal 10 miles to a hidden basin, killed a beautiful 39” Dall ram and were headed back to camp. My muscles were crying all out mutiny, and my pack straps felt like they’d cut through my skin and were welded into my shoulders. In an almost euphoric state, I smiled realizing that I must really love this sport if I’m still going when all I wanted to do was lay down and die. And then the blisters started passing the point of tolerance. More like gashes, they finally won when they split my feet open, completely breaking me down. I found myself laying on the ground unsure if I would ever get up again, just hoping a grizzly would eat me and put me out of my misery. Yeah, I signed up for the merciless exhaustion knowing how tough it would be... but I didn’t count on my boots letting me down, forcing me to quit. That’s when I knew we had to design and build boots that could keep up with the barbarous conditions we mountain hunters subject ourselves to. Since then, we’ve continually and brutally beat up our boots in the field, brought them back to the shop, and added new design features on the spot. And it’s worked so well, we brought up all of our boots, packs, socks... everything we offer, we put to the sheep hunter’s test. So it doesn’t matter if you hunt like we do, hike, or enjoy backpacking up to a mountain lake... having the owners of our company out there practically killing themselves to test everything, guarantees that from the boots on up, Kenetrek will never let you down.

Jim Winjum
Stuart Hutchins
Robert Sherer 

Jason Hairston - The Beginning
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Stories of Howard Hill and Art Young and Saxton Pope.
My dad was a hunter, a traditional bow hunter, and all through my childhood hunting was this thing we did together as a family—it was a tradition. I started shooting when I was two or three. Every night after dinner we’d shoot in the backyard. And now, many years later, I’m doing the same thing with my four year-old son, Cash. Anyway, we took our bows everywhere we went. And at bedtime my dad didn’t read Cat in the Hat, he read stories about Howard Hill and Art Young and Saxton Pope. It was like living in the movie A River Runs Through It, only with archery equipment and deer, and instead of Montana we lived in Southern California.

Most of our annual trips and vacations were hunting-oriented. Every year, at least once a year, we’d go to Colorado or Utah to hunt deer. I killed and field dressed my first animal when I was nine. My dad and I were hunting wild goats on Catalina Island. I snuck up on one and shot it. It was small but still it was an awesome experience.

Throughout highschool I worked in the local archery store in summers. I made arrows, cleaned up stuff, sold stuff, I was basically a shop-kid. I didn't care if it was cool, I loved doing anything that had to do with hunting. It was weird, I'd go to parties on the weekend and have to leave at one or two in the morning because my dad would be ready to leave for a hunt in a couple of hours. I never missed a hunt, not once.
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